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About KaKyCo

Welcome to KaKyCo Accessories

450 North Avenue East
Cranford, NJ 07016
Tel: 908-325-6447
Order: 888-525-9268 (888-KaKyCo8)
Fax: 908-325-6450
E-mail: info@kakyco.com

Hats, Hats, Hats!? It's our obsession!

Company Info
KaKyCo (Ka-Kai-Ko) is an online retail store that sells handmade, quality hats for women. We design and sell hats at prices you want! With so many types and designs of hats, we guarantee that you will find a hat made just for you.
We are located in Kearny, New Jersey. KayKyCo is a closely held company without any investors. The company is an equal opportunity employer.
Company Mission
Our mission is to provide quality products and excellent customer service. We are a company with high standards and we will not accept anything less of our hats.
Our motto is treat the customer with the same care and respect you wish to be treated with.
Our Promise To You
We want to make each and every one of our customers feel special, and form long lasting relationships with you. We want our customers to trust us completely and we will work extra hard to earn that trust.
If you ever have a problem that you feel is not being taken care properly, please contact us. We promise the message *WILL* be read *AND* acted upon!